Why the name GREENFROG?

It's a long story, but we came up with it way before green and frog were environmentally in.

This shows how our progressive thinking has set us apart. We're ahead of the times!

Why do business with GREENFROG?


  • OUR TEAM is experienced in handling a wide variety of marketing efforts, as well as implementing advertising campaigns both on and off line;
  • OUR TEAM not only meets deadlines, but is proactive in creating and managing effective schedules and time lines;
  • OUR TEAM fully understands budgets;
  • OUR TEAM is proud of its award winning creative and innovative solutions;
  • OUR TEAM insists in providing personalized, impeccable client service;
  • OUR TEAM is dedicated to pay close attention to the client agency relationship;
  • OUR TEAM takes pride in its reputation for Creativity With Reliability;
  • OUR TEAM is experienced in launching new brands as well as in following existing brand identity guidelines;
  • OUR TEAM is well prepared as a full service ad agency;
  • OUR TEAM has loyal portfolio clients who have retained our services for many years;
  • OUR TEAM is very hands on with regards to project management and design;
  • OUR TEAM feels responsible for its actions and guarantees the quality of its work;
  • OUR TEAM invests in the latest resources in order to expedite work and optimize delivery;
  • OUR TEAM is entirely dedicated to our clients' success, as any of them will attest to.